Now Make Money on Facebook via Video, YouTube will be leaving

Now Make Money on Facebook via Video, YouTube will be leaving

Facebook has released its video platform 'Facebook Watch'. This is the brand new product for video content from Facebook. This product is considered to be the answer to Facebook's Facebook user. It was first launched in the United States in August last year.
Make Money on Facebook

According to a report, Social media tycoon Facebook has said Wednesday that the VOD service will be available everywhere from Thursday. With which publishers and content creators get international market for their videos.
Facebook has said in a statement that with Watch Key launch we are looking forward to helping publishers and creators in two ways at international level. First of all, helping him earn money from a video on Facebook, the other creators can better understand how his content is performing.

The watch was launched in the United States last year to give users a platform where they can find shows and video creators. In June, Facebook announced that they would launch a new Shows to bring creators and users closer, which would have features like Paul and Quiz.
Facebook has put some conditions to earn by video. Creators must create at least three minutes of video to qualify. It should have 10 thousand followers. There should be more than 30,000 minutes-long views in two months time limit, or have to meet Facebook's monetization eligibility criteria.
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